The third CD release by In The Labyrinth
11 tracks, total playing time 59:31

'You travel through nocturnal mountain passages - beneath alien stars - Further and further away beyond golden cities and into realms unknown. Gradually the dawn of a new day appears - In the beginning as a tinted grey and eventually illuminating in deep saffron. The hand of Mevlana (or could it be the spirit of Omma?) touches you for a brief moment -  ever so lightly – like the wings of a butterfly.'

                  From Deep Saffron

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Track List

01 Lost in the woods
02 Out of this maze
03 Catch a cloud
04 Nargal
05 Dryad (The spirit of the woods)
06 Trident
07 Jabberwocky
08 Muscarin madness
09 Deep saffron
10 Night of the Baskerville killer
11 Farewell little brother

Playing time 59:31 minutes


Peter Lindahl: Mellotron, flutes, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, saz, zither, viola da gamba, samplers and synthesizers, percussion, vocals, background harmonies, voices, radio and sound effects.
Håkan Almkvist: Sitar, tabla, bass, electric guitar, triangle, percussion & sound effects.
Helena Selander: Angelic voice and har-
Kristina Fuentes: Background harmonies.
Stefan Ottman: Narration and voices.
Fereidoun Nadimi: Darbouka and daf.
Ismet Demirhan: Mey and zurna.
Micke Lövroth: Violin.

Music and Lyrics

All music and lyrics by Peter Lindahl except track 04 which is written by Stefan Ottman and Peter Lindahl, track 06, which is written by Håkan Almkvist and track 10, by Peter and Niklas Lindahl

Historical Notes

In The Labyrinth’s third CD, which was out in 2002, was released by TAP in collaboration with Record Heaven. The title was Dryad. This word is of Greek origin and means spirit of the woods, an ethereal, mysterious being that dwells in the deep forest. 

Most of the musicians and vocalists who appeared on Walking on Clouds are also present on this release. In a way, the two albums belong together and could very well have comprised a double CD. A lot of the tracks on the two of them were virtually recorded during the same period though Dryad was finished three years later. Besides the main bulk of the material being instrumental, Dryad holds four tracks with lyrics plus one piece featuring aWitch in hollow poem.

When putting together the attached artwork for this CD, Håkan Almkvist placed one of Peter Lindahl’s paintings in the pearl tray underneath the disc. This illustration is of a gnome called The lord of mushrooms. According to the artist, he would make you lose your way if you stray too far out into the wilderness. The picture on the front cover, portraying a wild ritual dance on a moonlit night, belongs to the same series of paintings illustrating a saga which Peter wrote in the early seventies ominously titled “The Kingdom of Death”. Also in 2002, Margen Magazine of Spain released a sampler called Music from the edge vol. 05 (Mr 0102) where the track Out of this maze was included. The same song appeared in a longer version on Dryad.

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