In May 1994, In The Labyrinth (then named Labyrint) privately released a cassette called Mysteriernas Trädgård (i.e. The garden of mysteries), which soon led on to the CD production of 'The Garden of Mysteries'. This cassette, for which they held no higher marketing ambitions than to have distributed among esoteric book (and music) stores around Sweden, had initially been intended as an experiment in combining shaman drums with a variety of ethnical music styles.

And eventually the project evolved into a more complex format picking up influences from all over the world while mel- ding  together impressions which  the members had  gathered 
I cry out in Everyone
I am the Invisible in the All
I am the first and the last
I am incomprehensible silence
Hear me you Listeners
I am the name of the Sound
And the Sound of the Name'

From the Mizraim rite.

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Moorish Rhapsody!

along journeys to both near and far, as well as incorporating progressive rock elements in with the music.

The exploration of the mysterious garden  led on and on until the summer of 1996, when after a lot of postponing on the former record comapny's side, the CD was finally released. This actually meant that APM was putting out an album by a constellation now decimated to what had almost become a one-man-band with only Peter left at the wheel!

Track List

01 Gates of Andorra
02 Karakoram pass
03 Escape from Canaan
04 Hiram Abiff
05 Kekova (The sunken city)
06 Ali Hasan
07 Aslan
08 Meditating Minotauros
09 The garden of mysteries II
10 Monsoon
11 Andalucy
12 Journey to Hel
13 Moorish rapsody
14 Trans Turkish express
15 Aral
16 Moorish waltz
17 Desert visions
18 Ya Qader
19 The garden of mysteries I
20 La dame inconnue
21 Almeria
22 Palm-cat

Playing time 74:05 minutes


Peter Lindahl: Mellotron, elctric and acoustic guitars, saz, zither, bass, mandolin, samplers and synthesizers, melodion, viola da gamba, flutes, woodwinds, oriental and western percussion (dar- bouka, daf, tambourine, etc), tamboura, sound effects, vocals, background harmonies and narration.
Helena Selander: Background harmonies and vocal improvisation.
Ulf Hansson: Darbouka & Egyptian tabla.
Mikael Gejel: Flutes, acoustic guitar, bass, synthesizers and samplers, tamboura, percussion, background harmonies and jojk.
Karin Langhard-Gejel: Djembe, flute and  background harmonies.
Stefan Ottman: Narration.
Helena Bringner: Background harmonies and vocal improvisation.

Cassette cover
Music and lyrics:

P Lindahl: 01, 02 , 03, 05, 07, 10, 13,
14, 15, 16
M Gejel: 04, 08, 12, 17, 20, 21
P Lindahl & M Gejel: 06, 09, 11, 18
K Langhard-Gejel: 22
In the labyrinth: 19

Reissued 2011

Because of  disagreements  between the  initial members of ITL, this album remained in the vaults for a period of more than 10 years, until things had been more or less resolved so that 'The garden' could once again see the light of day. The label responsible for this reissue, seated in the south of Sweden, is called TRANSSUBSTANS RECORDS which is virtually a subdivision of the well estab- lished indi label Record Heaven. So from 2011 and onwards this gem was once again made available to those wishing to delve deeper into the magical world of ITL.