The second CD release by In The Labyrinth
11 tracks, total playing time 56:34

out of print as of September 2012, but still available  as a reissue and featuring many bonus tracks, most of which are older or alternate versions of the original tracks.

'In Kali ghat temple

  The worshiped black godess
has everything under control
  The pandals of Durga will float

   on t
he H
and into
   the bay of Bengal'

From Kali


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CLOUDS tracks:

  The caravan from Sheba -
Birka - Lop nor
 Walking on clouds

Track List

01 Kali
02 Mahatma
03 Over the wall
04 The caravan from Sheeba
05 Birka
06 Lop Nor (The wandering lake)
07 Dervish dreams
08 Golgonda
09 Gates of Oneiron
10 Chandrika
11 Walking on clouds

Playing time 56:34 minutes



Peter Lindahl: Vocals, background harmonies, Mellotron, flutes, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, zither, saz, bass, viola da gamba, synthesizers & samplers, shehnai, tamboura, percussion & sound effects
Håkan Almkvist: Sitar, tabla,electric guitar,
bass, radio and sound effects
Helena Selander: Background harmonies
Miriam Oldenburg: Piano accordeon
Stefan Ottman: Narration and voices
Ismet Demirhan: Ney and mey
Kirk Chilton: Violin
Micke Lövroth: Violin
Fereidoun Nadimi: Darbouka and narration
Sven Lindahl: Cornett
Anders Victorson: Background harmonies

Music and Lyrics

All music and lyrics by Peter Lindahl except tracks 06 and 09, which were written by Peter Lindahl and Stefan Ottman. As well as track 10, written by Håkan Almkvist

      Historical Notes

In early spring 1997, Håkan Almkvist, who Peter Lindahl had started to connect with through his dealings with the record label APM, got himself lost in the labyrinth too. From there on they had a bit of a partnership going between them.  The next ITL album was released in 1999 by Håkan’s newly established label TAP and was distributed world wide by Record Heaven. It was given the titlePeter and Håkan Walking on Clouds. (Tone art production). Because of the involvement of Håkan (who is known to have great experience of India) and as a result of an extensive journey which Peter and his wife made to the subcontinent in late 1997, Walking on Clouds may reflect some of the various atmospheres that belong to that part of the world. Peter wrote lyrics about, among other items, the hindu godesses Kali and Durga, about the Himalayas and the notorious yeti. They used quite a lot of sound effects on the album, most of them originating from Nepal and northern India though some came from elsewhere. For the most of it, Håkan and Peter were focused on the India element and generally on upbeat material. They allowed for an increase of vocals and tried to get in as many supplementary musicians as possible, as long as it enhanced the sound and the over-all feeling.

                         The blue mosque

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