by In The Labyrinth

Albums to eventually be completed and released:

SAMAS ANTARAL is an IN THE LABYRINTH production which Peter worked on together withStefan and Peter old friend Stefan Ottman both before and while recording the main bulk of The Garden of Mysteries, this taking place around the late eighties to mid nine-
ties. Various parts of  this vast album has occasionaly been incorporated with the rest of the ITL production when songs have been extracted and bounced over to other addociated albums such as Walking on clouds and Dryad, then being refurbished and worked upon to suit their new surroundings. The remaining core of Samas Antaral will  see the light of day when the album finally has been completed. Style wise, it's mainly acoustic and to at least 90% instrumental, taking you from mediaeval tarantulas via  oriental, sweeping themes to somewhat heavier stuff.  In the list of musicians, many familiar names appear as do a couple of rather new participants. And although he sadly passed away some years ago, Styrbjörn Bergelt who indulged in Swedish folk lore and who was also a chief constructer of ancient nordic instruments, made it just in time to contribute to this album with some of his otherworldly sonic creations.

TO OUR RESCUEAfrican sunset is yet another ITL album in the works. The songs on this one are more vocally oriented than on 'Samas Antaral' and the style, as a whole, runs in a slightly new direction this meaning that In The Labyrinth they will be departing ever so slightly from the ethnical, semi-oriental touch present in most of what has happened up till now. Besides Peter Lindahl, there is a long line up of musicians taking part, among these Håkan Almkvist. And as usual you will not only hear the voice of Peter where there are vocals but several other singers including Helena Selander. The lyrics of this album will be predominated by environmental issues as the title track To our rescue duly suggests. But there are also messages about love, myth and magic and other more or less subtle themes which softly align with the dreamy nature of the songs. Another important contributor to this album is Peter's late kid brother Niklas Lindahl who will appear with a number of compositions but also as a musician on one of the tracks.

And besides these albums, there is lots of newly recorded  material spilling over to eventually form a third compilation of songs, which will be presented publicly once things begin to crystallize. In the labyrinth still remains very much the vehicle of Peter Lindahl although various musicians have come and gone over the years to contribute with what ever they can. New sounds have been developed to some extent but for the most of it, the concept remains unaltered highlighting that same mystical approach as was established from the early days and onwards.

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