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Taj Mahal

Infront of the world famous Taj Mahal. Question in this snapshot is who is
being caught on the camera and by who?
Carina in Goa

Carina on Calangute beach in Goa prior to when a hurricane hit and the incident where we crashed with a moped and were caught injured for over a week

Me in Darjeeling

In Darjeeling, Himalayas
In the background are the meer foothills
to the mighty mountains


Boys by the Ganges, Varanasi


Hanuman receiving a new coat of paint in Varanasi.

Buffalos in the alley

Buffalos in the alley, down town Benares.

Buffalos in the Ganges

Buffalos by the ghats taking their mid day siesta in the luke warm, muddy water. We were informed that whereas the white Asian cattle is protected by Hindu  laws, these black ones are partly used as beef stock, at least by the Muslim population. For ourselves, we retained a habit of eating almost solely vegetarian food throughout our journey.

Rwoing on the Ganges

Along the river banks of the Ganges, the ancient city of Varanasi (or Benares as it´s usually called in India) looks almost like the motive of a surrealistic painting. Occasionally, the corpses of dead cattle or other animals float by and sometimes even the bodies of people who have passed away, which generally implies holy men or priests.  On the walls down town in Varanasi, one can read advertisements like: "Come to Benares (Varanasi) and die!" The smoke hangs heavy around the ghats where diseased are cremated and treated by ancient rituals, preparing them for their re-entry into the next life.

   Muglai architecture

    Muglai (Muslim) architecture in Jaipur, Rajastan.

In front of Taj Mahal
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Sadhu with elefant

Local wedding in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
We were invited and treated to an incredible festivity of which the finest treats were delivered at around eight in the morning,  meaning we were having dinner at our usual breakfast time! The night before there was music on drums and Indian reed instruments called senais while the entire family with all their relatives partied around.

On the way to work

Varanasi train station by the ticket booth. One wholly cow wishes to emigrate to a more wholly city if there ever was one! The town of Varanasi (or Benares) is an incredible mix of animals and people, as if someone had opened the gates to the nearest zoo and let them all out!

Ghats in Varanasi

Many are the astonishing creations of architecture facing the banks of the Ganges! And of such varying age, ranging from two centuries before Christ till this day.  Each year after the monsoon, every little step of the ghats has to be recovered from underneath the mud, a seemingly endless job for those involved. These days high pressure hoses are used along with shovels and one can only imagine how they dealt with it in days of old...

Concert in Calcutta

A concert held in the Oberoi hotel in central Calcutta. Apart from the traditional female vocals and  Indian instruments tabla, sitar, harmonium and basurai flute there was one guitar which added a slight bit of western flavour to the overall impression.
Sadhu in Kanchipuram
A sadhu visiting a holy cobra temple in Kanchi-
puram, Tamil Nadu. A minute after this shot was taken, I was adorned with a ticka mark on my forehead, which was a way for this wise man to grant my blessing.


One of many pandals in the city of Calcutta with
wax like dolls faces gazing in amazement out at 
the toil and turmoil of the mortal world.