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The garden of mysteries
To our rescue
Released 13/9 2023 on Bandcamp
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The garden of mysteries

One Trail to Heaven
  CD release by TRAIRECORDS
Out of print

Portal to Samas antaral
Samas Antaral
Released in 2018 by
ranssubstans records,
now out
of print

eleased in 2002
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The garden of Mysteries
Released in 1996
Out of print
Walking on clouds
Released in 1999
Out of print

... is an experimental musical project based in Stockholm, Sweden, and is led by Peter Lindahl. The main concern is to mix a wide array of styles to create a symbiosis quite unlike most music heard of today. You could define it as progressive rock with a strong ethnical element or almost like an early Pink Floyd adorned with both classical and oriental overtones.

Five CDs and various compilation tracks have been released so far. The texture of these is mostly mysterious and melancholy, often broadened by rich arrangements that feature diverse instrumentation and sometimes vocals. There is an emphasis put on beauty but also on the haunting and the desolate.

S. Stockwell

Sanctus Listen to this ITL recording released in September 2022 by Fruits de mer records on The sign of the crab members club CD!

Golden hair
Listen to this ITL recording released in February 2021 on a Syd Barrett  tribute-compilation calle
d Love You!

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