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This page contains a selection of samples from all five ITL
CDs to give you a general impression.
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- Samas Antaral -

 Trans 152
The fifth CD release by ITL
20 tracks, total playing time 76:56

- The Garden Of Mysteries -

APM 9613 AT
The first CD release by In The Labyrinth,
featuring 22 tracks and a total playing
time of 74:05 - reissued in 2011 by
 Transubstans/ Record Heaven

The Eagle Dreamer
128kbit stereo

Samas Antaral (Title track) 
128kbit stereo

The fall of Tombuk
128kbit stereo

Undimon (In The Deep)
128kbit stereo

Eseape From Canaan
128kbit stereo

Ali Hasan
128kbit stereo

Moorish Rhapsody
128kbit stereo

128kbit stereo

- Walking On Clouds -

The second release by In The Labyrinth
11 tracks, total playing time 56:34
A few copies can still be found at:
 Transubstans/ Record Heaven

128kbit stere

The Caravan From Sheeba
128kbit stereo

128kbit stereo

Walking On Clouds
128kbit stereo


 - Dryad -

The third CD release by ITL
11 tracks, total playing time 59:31

- One Trail To Heoven -

TAP/RHCD 65Trail Records 011
The forth CD release by ITL
13 tracks, total playing time 59:38

Muscarine Madness
128kbit stereo

Deep Saffron

128kbit stereo

Night Of The Baskerville Killer
128kbit stereo

Out of this maze
128kbit stereo

128kbit stereo

Lost In The Woods

128kbit stereo

Karakoram Waltz
128kbit stereo

The endless city
128kbit stereo

- Love Yov -

Also listen to Golden hair
by Gonzo Multi-
on a Syd Barrett
album called
Love You

- Intergalactic Moonloonies Invade Mushroom hill -

And also Kabul from Vol 7
of this very special series
comprising styles like
Space rock, Kraut &

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