Photos of those who have helped play on the ITL recordings



Håkan on indian tabla, 2012

Håkan on guitar
Håkan playing electric guitar dur-
ing session work aimed for the album
"Walking on clouds" in Uppsala, 1997


     Kukkla         From left to right: ITL members Stefan Ott-
          man, Styrbjörn Bergelt and Peter in 1998

           Robert with harp
Robert Eklund playing the Celtic harp

Håkan on sitar in 2001

Håkan on tabla
Håkan on Indian tabla during an ITL session in 1997 when the second ITL album Walking on clouds was
being pieced together

Fereidoun Nadimi (Feri) on
darbouka, Peter on saz, shot
taken in the late nineties


Peter in the studio
Photo of me in my studio taken by Michael Piper in 1997

  Ferri and Peter
ITL member Fereidoun (Ferri) Nadimi and Peter rehearsing for a video in 1995 to specially portray Ferry's own musical project, an album called In memory of Hafez

Peter during a performance in
Stockholm  in 1998

Peter playing guitar
             Peter as early as 1983 during a performance
                         in Copenhagen, Denmark

Peter and Håkan
Alejandro playing zampoña (pan flutes
of the Andes), here adding himself to,
as yet, unpublished ITL songs

Fereidoun playing darbouka
Fereidoun Nadimi (Feri) paying darbouka

Robert on archlute
Robert Eklund showing his skills
on the arch lute

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