Photos of those who have helped play on the ITL recordings



Håkan on indian tabla, 2012

Håkan on guitar
Håkan on electric guitar
in Uppsala, 1997

     Kukkla        From left to right: Stefan Ottman,
Styrbjörn Bergelt and Peter Lindahl
in 1998

Fereidoun playing darbouka
Fereidoun Nadimi (Feri)
playing darbouka

Håkan on tabla
Håkan on Indian tabla in 1997

Peter in the studio
Photo of Peter Lindahl in the studio.
Shot taken by M Piper in 1997

  Ferri and Peter
   Fereidoun Nadimi and Peter Lindahl

Peter performing with Kukkla in
Stockholm, 1998


Peter playing guitar
 Alejandro Vega playing zampoña
(pan flutes of the Andes)

Peter and Håkan
Håkan on sitar in 2001

Mellotron with teddies
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