Photos of those who have helped play on the ITL recordings

Peter with darbouka
Pete with darbouka in the studio

Maistro on hiis mellotron!
Maistro on his mellotron

Stefan Andersson
Stefan Andersson on Fender bass

Niklas Lindahl
Niklas Lindahl

Håkan with guitar
Håkan  Almkvist playing electric guitar

Peter playing djembe
Peter playing djembe 'live'

Stefan Ottman and Peter Lindahl
Stefan and Peter , 1993

Peter on stage
Peter on stage 1998
Peter playing saz
Peter playing saz in the studio

Peter with guitar during a photo session for 'Lindahl Bringner'

Robert on celtic harp
Robert on celtic harp

Robert posing with ukelele
Robert posing with ukelele

Peter with headphones
Peter with headphones

Cristina Fuentes during a recording session
in 2012, working on the abandoned project
'Ray of hope'

Stefan and Peter
Stefan Ottman and Peter in Åkersberga studio, 1987

Robert with el guitar
Robert in the studio with electric guit  

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