Peter with tape recorderIt seems my best play mate has always been the tape recorder, like in the early seventies when I spent most of my time together with this machine called Revox A77. As a twosome we turned out what for most of the time  sounded like  a rampage in outer space or at our best occasions more like a symbiosis of Tyrannosaurus  Rex, Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. Juan-Diego and Peter in Studio Decibel    My pride back in 1971, the Revox A77.               Juan-Diego Spoerer and me in a studio in Stockholm.

In 1980 I was invited by Chilean singer/ songwriter/ radio reporter Juan Diego Spoerer to help him out with an album he was working on called Estaciones. It was my first meeting with a real studio and being a hundred percent taken in by this experience, I eventually decided to procure
some equipment and start a business of my own. In a few years the enterprise had flaunted where upon I concluded that it would perhaps be best to move it all to our home instead, which I eventually did. Then as the years passed I got involved in more and more projects, among which one was the recording of Fereidouhn Nadimi´s album In memory of Hafez. "Feri" who also became a sporadic member of In the labyrinth eventually moved back to his native country Iran where he now lives. Along with my old friends Stefan

Fereidoun on acoustic 6-string, yours truely
on my old Strat and Mohsen on bass.

Ottman (who is also part of the ITL gang) and Börje Nyberg, I started a trio at the end of the nineties called Herr Ur, meaning quite roughly Mr Rolex. We played almost exclusively our own material, generally on acoustic instruments. Then in 1998 yet another trio arose, this one called Kukkla. We aimed at combining ancient ethnic music with contemporary  instruments and  performed now and then at festivals of various kinds. 
Herr ur
Herr Ur (Mr Rolex) infront of a
rune stone in southern Sweden

Kukkla "live" in Stockholm 1998
From left to right: Styrbjörn Bergelt, Stefan Ottman and me.

SefardiaHerr Ur "live" in Uråsa, Sweden, this photo ob- tained from a local news paper in around 2001 with me closest to the  camera, then Stefan  and Börje at   the   far  end.

     Herr Ur live on Tellus, Stockholm
Herr Ur "live"on Tellus, Stockholm in 2001
From left to right: Börje Nyberg,
Stefan Ottman and me.

SefardiaFereidoun  Nadimi and I recorded an album called "In memory of Hafez" in the mid 90s, occasionally also performing in Stockholm  toget- her with various musicians before a Persian audience.

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