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Peter and JuliusMY STORY IN BRIEF

By Peter Lindahl

I was born in Stock- holm, Sweden in 1951. My father worked as a teacher and later on, for a decade or two, as a constructor of renais- sance instruments while my mother made her living from working as a secretary at the daily news. In the fifties and sixties I got two brothers, one for each decade. The family  used to spend a lot of time by the Baltic sea, visiting various Islands of the archipelago during the summer months and when I was very young I stayed at my grandparents´ summer cottage on an Island way out in the ocean, facing open waters. I´ve always lived in close proximity of one ocean or the other, even though the residence I share with my wife here in the Stockholm suburb of Bromma is nearer to the great lake called Mälaren than to the Baltic.
When I was nine we moved to West Australia and later returned to Sweden when I was at the age of fifteen to avoid my being drafted for the Vietnam war, which Australia bMe in the north of Swedeny the year of 1966 had become increasingly involved in. So with all this moving about I became a bit of a vagabond, hence keen on travelling and seeing new and exotic places around the globe. This in turn has suposedly rubbed off on my music or at least parts of it, especially in reference to the songs of In the labyrinth.

On Tenerife My interest for Oriental cultures was first initiated by a brief encounter with Egypt as me and my family entered the Suez canal on traveling by boat from Europe to Western Australia. This was in 1961 when the world was still a far more exciting place.  But also the wonders of trancending from being a shy Swedish boy to eventually becoming a bit of a fair dincum Aussie helped change things around for me and spur me to greater things.

It was later when we returned to Sweden that I received a guitar from my grandmother and I began exploring that wonderful world of music and magic.
By 1968 I was laying down one to three tracks a day on the simple recording equipment I had in those days and I regret to say my parents must have had a lot of patience with me, for better or for worse!

Peter playing ney flute It was in the late 60s or early 70s that I may have started to show  development of some kind. And then  I eventually met up with lots of musicians, sub sequently finding great pleasure in the collaboration I was to have with others, although recording on my own remained my chief preoccupation throughout the years and still does!

 Coiron with me to the left

One group which I performed with towards the end of the seventies was Coiron. We were focused on South American 'altiplano' music, which we interpreted with a combination of both traditional and classical instruments. After a few years when it had turned into more of a conventional Andes band, I quit and went on to eventually form Aladdin's lantern (later to become In the labyrinth) and Ljungeld (i e Lightning). The latter was a trio consisting of my dear old friends Stefan Ottman, Håkan Stockhaus and myself.   

  Ljungeld From left to right: Stefan
   Ottman,  me and Håkan Stockhaus 

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Peter at Radio Totalnormal
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