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Tree troll

The Tree troll is actually a part of a much larger ink drawing which I put together in the seventies. During this period I was studying Nordic illustrative artists such as John Bower, Einar Norelius, Elsa Beskow, Jenny Nyström, Robert Högfeldt, Tove Jansson and several others

Tree troll

Spice it up, here is the Consumer Family!

A self portrait which I made when I was about 19

Portrait of my mother, made in 1974 when we were living in Vaxholm just before I moved to  Stockholm

    Just some fancy scribble titled  "Welcome to romance land!"

Home of the old ones

Home of the old ones is what I call this one. It´s a pencil drawing of my grandparents home which I made on assignment by my mother. The motive displays the living room quarters as they appeared shortly before the house was emptied and before dear old grandma moved away to live as a widow near the city center

    This is an old house outside the town of Vaxholm where I was living in the  early seventies

  And here is a building vastly inspired by one             Mothers of Invention
  of my favourites, Escher

Old woman in a hammock

Another sample of Escher inspired art, The warped house n:r 2

Old woman in a hammock

Old woman in a hammock is a theme I used in a variety of versions, this one being number 3

An unexpected nocturnal visitor

In the midst of the darkest woods there hides a cottage...

An early version of the old woman in a hammock

The artist         
                                                                                     Goggle fish
The artist in black and white, an etching on zinc             
which I made at art shool piror to the two paint-
ed versions

The endless city, or rather a small section of this drawing which I made with ink on a big sheet of paper

The same picture but this detail extracted from closer to the middle


An illustration which I made for a newspaper in 1968

An elderly employee on his way to work, totally oblivious to what is happening around him

Fur trees in fog

My dad resting his elbow on a table.
Ink drawing from the mid-seventies

Mish mash

Mish mash, general improvisation made in the early seventies


For each computer nerd there should be a mouse, though maybe not a house mouse!

Magician on the wall

Magician on the wall


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