With some explanations by Peter


Burning of the mid night lamp

Teddy in the water
Teddy in the water was an ink drawing which I made and was meant to illustrate a newspaper article describing a real life incident as my precious teddy was thrown overboard by an unknowing one-year-old, this occurring in Stockholm's archipelago back in the late 50s

Teddy is a drawing which I made with crayons at the age of 13

And this is from about the same period around the mid sixties, a happy character named "Uncle Otto" and who used to pop up for a few seconds during intermissions on television in Western Australia


The Beatnick, a drawing nearly completed save his right hand which didn´t get the proper outlines

                                                 The upstart

             Christmas card with Santa                              Wise guy
             Claus out fishing

Archipelago 1 (Scrap book scribble)


Archipelago 2

Archipelago 3 (Scrap book scribble)

         Late night at the bar with perhaps a bit too much too drink

  Here are a few samples of what went 
                   down on paper in those days,  at  home and at art school



"Baby and Tim and the Horses and the Donkeys", here on their own advertisement  featuring an imaginary album with the title "Dead a hippies as can be". This was my own private Sgt Pepper act where I fantasized touring the planet with my alter egos and rocketing up the Billboard charts and then most probably down again, all done with the greatest of ease

Here is the same imaginary band in the studio...

The Twirps was a psychedelic band which I invented on drawing
paper around  1968, here giving you the lead singer

...While this is the guitar player...

   Magnetetic tape, always lying around on every surface and even on the floor

Billy Bulb and the Fly spray, one of many sketches for the Billy bulb book which I was preparing at the time but which I never finished

The janitor and the butterfly

With your head in the clouds (Scrap book scribble)

   My own poster advertising a gig with yours              Playing with ink
      truely at a local venue in 1983

I'm your vacuum cleaning man, happy to be at
your service!

  A portrait of one of my fiancés of the seventies, made with a biro

Scrap book birdy

Magic ocean (and what secrets dwell within)

Magic octopus


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