The artist

The artist
was chosen  as the cover art for the first ITL album "The garden of mysteries".  I actually made this one in three different versions of which the very first one was a zinc etching and the other two  closely related vari- ations  in water colors

The way to Ratby

The way to Ratby is one of several illustrations meant for an unpublished book of the same name which I wrote between the ages of 12 and 19. You could say that right from the beginning to the very end it's a homage to Lewis Carrol´s 'Alice in wonderland' and 'Through the looking glass', picking up on all the whimsical nonsense and dreamlike visionary of his masterpiece.

In her father's garden was another book I tried to write after I had completed 'The way to Ratby', but without managing to pull it through. It did however give way to a couple of songs and several illustrations

The opium witch
The opium witch is a painting I made with a girlfriend in mind, who was dangerously close to falling into drug abuse. However, after we split up and it still wasn't finished, it ended up in my parents home instead.

The opium witch - detail of girl

Detail from the same painting

Baby in a room

Baby in a room is me when I was a wee lad of eight months or so, here filling  up this confined bit of space and looking as if I´d be ever so happy to get out of my cage! For this painting I made use of two very old photos, one of me the baby and one of the pendulum clock in the background, which once stood in the living room of my late grand parents villa

                    The happy house wife
The happy housewife was something I did back in the early seventies based on a news paper article with a photo of this happily exercising woman

Visitor from the woods

Visitor from the woods was intended as a fusion of two worlds where I melded together mythological creatures of the mysterious North along with urban every day life

Billy Buld in the forest

Billy Bulb was a sad little character of a children's book I was working on in the early 70s, a project which eventually flaunted but which I am hoping to one day pick up on and complete. The story was based around a little light bulb boy who was unable to glow and who subsequently ventured out into the world asking the sun, the moon, the stars, even the aurora borealis and the fire flies how they did it, hence hoping for their guidance and a grand solution to his problem

Towers 2
This is an early version of Towers


Are you connected?

The Rat was a character of an unpublished novel I wrote
in the 1960s, one which I called 'The way to Ratby'

Sunset in the outback was one of many paintings I made at
primary school in Western Australia, which in this case would
have been in the rural town of Katanning

City by night

City by night is something I put together quite spontaneously on
a piece of cardboard using various kinds of material and utensils.


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