At the Gärdet festival, 1971
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It was back in the early seventies, in those happy days of experimentation when everyone was jamming together at home or at open air festivals that things really took off for me in the sense of my being creative. It was the age of “hippies”, of “freaking out” and of radical movements intending to change society over night. But with me it was just a lot of fun and fooling around with every way of expression I could find, among these the most vital ones being art and music.

Peter L October 2006         

 Mastering (of most of the material): Fran Ashcroft

Fran AshcroftTake a trip on Peter's ferry, and journey through a smorgasbord of vintage Scandinavian psychedelia, down the Beatle-esque Merging Maze,  pastoral flutes of Horooshema The Hurricane, and mellotrons of Yesterdays Dreams - from those happy days of open air festivals, hippies, and experimentation.

Fran Ashcroft, December 2006


Earky alternate version

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1    Take a trip on my ferry
  2    Joan
  3    Hoorushema the hurricane
  4    Täby sång
  5    Merging maze
  6    Waters flow
  7     Lonely I´ll wait
  8     So now you know who you are
  9     Pastor Gran
 10    Syrran
 11    Mary Mercury
 12    So alone
 13    Mamma, pappa och barnvisan
 14    Från väst till öst
 15    The price (you have to pay)
 16    Yesterdays dreams

Early alternate version All songs were written by P Lindahl except track 2 by Peter Lindahl /Hampus Ekholm and tracks 8 and 16 by Niklas and Peter Lindahl. Peter did vocals, background vocals and choirs throughout the album while also playing a variety of instruments on all of the songs except on one or two where play mate Hampus Ekholm joined in on guitar and also two tracks on which his brother Niklas did everything from mellotron, recorder, drums to electric guitar. Some of the instruments which Peter used were: Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, organ, various flutes, cornet, viola da gamba, melodeon, mouth organ, drums and various percussion including copper kettles, pots, a well beaten guitar case, kitchen utensils, house construction parts, etc. In a couple of the songs his father Sven Lindahl played cornett, which is a straight or bent, trumpetlike woodwind instrument used during the renaissance period.
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The tracks were recorded between 1970 and `73 with a few exceptions dating from the early 80s and late 90s. A mishmash of tape recorders and microphones were in use but for the most of it a two channel Revox A77 was the ultimate machine for doing the job. The intention is to one day hopefully release an entire series of reissued vintage recordings from the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond, one of these albums representing late brother Niklas Lindahl handling a wide variety of instruments and sometimes combining his efforts with Peter.


    Niklas Lindahl 

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