Part 2
The blue mosque

Dario Antonetti:
Il Rigore Esistenziale

CD release by Italian psych rock  artist  Dario Antonetti with whom Peter Lindahl has collaborated a few times over the years playing a wide array of  instruments. This being Dario's second solo effort, is titled Il Rigore Esistenziale and was released in 2012.

Peter  Lindahl  has  also  ap- peared here and there within various constellations on the Vegetableman project, for  which Dario - as head  of his label - was responsible, this series affectionately heralding the genius of Syd Barrett.

Vegetable man volume 3THE VEGETABLE MAN PROJECT VOL 3 is a series of CD compilations put out by the Italian alternate label Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati. Over a period of 6 years, as many CDs were compiled together as an act of devotion to the once so ill fated pop icon Syd Barrett, the former leader of the most famous psychedelic rock band ever, Pink Floyd. Artists from  countries all over the world contributed to this ultra rare and innovative set of CDs, among which In the labyrinth is represented doing their own version of this long lost gem called Vegetable man. In fact, the quoted single was initially withdrawn by the label backing the band up at the time and was not to be issued until it suddenly resurfaced with the release of this series, which contains, all in all, 120 different variations!

Il Ritorno Del Figlio Dell'Estetica Del Cane is the first solo effort by Dario Antonetti to which Peter delivered some dreamy soundscapes (foremost the closing track) based on  experimentation he did with his Mellotron, but also by putting in background vocals, electric bass, etc.
Released in 2009 by  Udu Records.
Peace frog conquer the world
In 2005, yet another release by the Greek indi label Nowhere street music saw the light of day on which In the labyrinth has one track called The black plague. These compilations, normally referred to as 'Gew gaw', are largely experimental and deal mainly with psych and space rock.

Slurk (Gulp)

released a sampler in 1997 to complement one of their Spanish progressive magazines, this giving you a play list spanning a variety of international prog artists. Here you can find a special version of the ITL song Out of this maze, which was lent from the Dryad album.

In the early 90s, only a few years prior to the release of the cassette which preceded  'The garden of mysteries', an album called DRUMS with the Gimle drummers was released in Sweden. This was in fact a cross over between the 80s outfit Aladdin's lampa (Aladdin's lantern) and what would later be transformed into In the labyrinth. This short lived project was led by Mikael Gejel and also included Peter Lindahl, Ulf Hansson and a few other associated friends and acquaintances who happened to be around during the recordings, even Peter's wife Carina! While generally based on trance like shaman drums, the album also spans across styles as diverting from the main theme as Heavy metal.

In 2001, a CD album running in the vein of Industrial ambient was released by the obscure Swedish label Cold meat Industries. The brainiac behind this col- lection of musical soundscapes is Danjel Eideholm, who was also the headman behind Hejd and various other Ambient related projects, but has nowadays, long since retired from the music scene. Peter Lindahl played flute, processed (reverted) electric guitar, viola da gamba and zither on some of the tracks, which instead of using titles are indicated on the sleeve merely using digits.

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