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Words and lyrics

Also comprising parts that were eventually
shelved and excluded from the album

  One trail to heaven

Samas Antaral    

At the beginning of time, in the realm of Glindar,
the rune of creation was sealed within a crystal which
in the tongue of yore was called Samas Antaral

Suddenly darkness was upon the land
when the prince of ravens ravaged the crystal,
flew over the ocean and dropped it into
the abyss below  

Prince with swordThe Raven Prince  

Ten thousand fathoms down into the deep
The shining crystal is out of reach
Since Nargal let it slip into the sea
The world’s  enshrouded  in shades of grief
There is no reason to fear, for I know we are bound to win
The jewel will be returned, let the search for the Isle begin! 

In days of old when serpents ruled the Earth and no one knew the Samas Antaral A tale was told of Raudalin’s birth and the raven prince called Nargal

Prince with sword
There is no reason to fear, though
our future seems so dim

The jewel will be returned
et the search for
the Isle begin!

From Glindar to  Lamakk
To Mount Valdatind
The beacons are burning
The search will begin

Angkor wat
Vormakk of the Marshlands  

Jorim and Sarim who had set out on a mission for the lost crystal suddenly find themselves separated in the dark- ling marshlands of Vormakk

Out of the fog rises a coiling serpent emitting a cloud of fever as he speaks:
'I am Vormakk, the fearful emperor of the mire!' where upon Jorim falls giggling to the ground in a mist of milk and madness

Dragon portalDazed and perplexed he stumbles into the village of the Elk war- riors where Samirala the healer dwells. With an incantation of healing nature she worked on Jorim for hours, she opened herself to his fever of frost and fire, taking his illness in...


Bound by Vormakk’s spell
Young Jorim fell
Into a void of hell fire
Thus from afar
A healer came
With blessings from a blue star
She came down from the stars
In days of darkness
Samirala gave light
Unto the meek
Her healing hands
Soon set the warrior free

Samirala’s Incantation  

Thus she utters these words
Of wisdom:

A green flute calls you
Stone flute
Ice flute
Bird flute
Here is the path
Here is the dripping of
ney and venom
I cast you away fever
into holy fire
I'm drenched in power
Dance in whirling flames
Untie these knots you've made
And now, Jorim
You are free!

The castle and the warrior

            The road from Raudalinn  

Dragon portal inverted
There was a castle high up on a ridge with rusty spires and iron gates
Two prisoners trying to find their way out from a dark and haunted maze
There is no reason to fear though you’re shivering deep within
I know the way out of here, there's a road from Raudalinn
Remember the saying of the Old: 'The fate of Glindar is in your hand'
Through the jaws of the dragon there's a way, so make haste now while you can
Doors will open wheels will turn, Nargal he cannot win
The jewel will be returned, there's a road from Raudalinn
     Gates of Oneiron

Dream o dream my wandering child 
Beyond the moon and into the night
Pass through the Gates of Oneiron
In a wink and you’re gone, the Eagle
dreamer is waiting to take you along
Soaring over glens and dales
Wings of cloud high on the gales
Through eagle eyes you see below
the runes of wisdom no one knows
In your dream you can travel so
far, within a drop of rain or even
to a star, in your dream you could turn
into fire, or be a lion that prowls the night
So open the gate and you’re out of sight!

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