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How Samas Antaral came to be
(By Peter Lindahl, March 2018)

I first mePeter & Stefan, 1969t Stefan Ottman during a two year study at Södra Latin's high school in the autumn of  1968. We were only 16, about to turn 17 and immediately became the best of friends, spending hours on end playing our songs to each other and jamming on guitars in between lessons. But we also used to borrow an old pipe  organ in the assembly hall of the school on which we developed little experiments of our own, which along with our song writing and my early endeavors with recording more or less paved way for what decades later would become the core of  Samas Antaral.
Stefan & Peter, Lund 1980
This was a time of creative freedom, of endless innovation and years before mainstream had become the norm, when musicians were still entitled to do what ever pleases them, with hardly a worry in the world. Then as the years went by, we got ourselves into all sorts of recording experiments but also 'live' acts like the one we were having with Mikael Gejel in the mid 70s called Karlavagnen (i e Ursa major).  

Photo taken in 1987 of Stefan working on an arrangement for the opening track Glindar
In late 1987, after having my own recording studio set up in Åkersberga, the first pieces of the Samas Antaral puzzle began to em- erge as we meddled with various odd themes, exploring every instrument and contraption of the studio.
Stefan & Peter 1994
Then, eventually after the equipment had been moved to Bromma, the album continued to evolve while I was also working on the ITL album called The Garden of Mysteries together with Mikael Gejel on top of other assignments I had gotten myself into

Stefan & Peter in Lund 1982
Due to various circumstances, only The Garden of Mysteries was completed and released while Samas Antaral remained in the vaults. However, after years of proc- rastination, I finally retained momentum and picked up the pieces I had left behind, hence finishing off Samas Antaral


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