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This is the fifth album by In The Labyrinth, called SAMAS ANTARAL. The label behind this release is Transubstans records, a subdivision of Record Heaven.
The songs, of which a vast majority are instrumental, were recorded mainly around 1992-94, hence making it a parallel project to the first In The Labyrinth album The Garden of Mysteries. But there are also a few tracks or parts of tracks recorded as early as 1973 and 74, while other bits and pieces have been added more recently

One trail to heaven

SAMAS ANTARAL is based on a saga written by Stefan Ottman and Mikael Gejel in the eighties and was published as a series of coherent episodes in a fantasy magazine called ’Drömskrinet’.
If only sporadically, Peter helped illustrate some of these editions

The castle and the warrior
Listen to a few samples:       

The Eagle Dreamer 128kbit stereo
Samas Antaral 128kbit stereo
The fall of Tombuk 128kbit stereo

Undimon 128kbit stereo

roduced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Peter Lindahl
Co-produced by Stefan Ottman and Håkan Almkvist
Recordings made in Bromma with a few from Åkersberga and Resarö, Sweden
Paintings & drawings: Peter Lindahl
Graphic design: Håkan Almkvist


usicians and singers:

Stefan Ottman: Narration, choir & chanting, acoustic 6 string guitar, acoustic & electrified 12 string guitar, recorders, kazoo & keyboard (on Glindar & Undimon (In the Deep)
Peter Lindahl: Vocals, choir & chanting, electric guitar, 6&12 string guitar, mandolin, saz, electric bass & synth-bass, mellotron, baroque trav- erse flute, quena, recorders, ocarina, shennai, shawm, keyboards, electric church organ, melodion, percussion, viola da gamba, bowed guitar, zither & sound effects
Håkan Almkvist:Sitar, E-Bow guitar, electric bass & Indian tabla
Helena Selander: Angelic voice & choir
Robert Eklund: Pedal guitar, Celtic harp, 11-course baroque lute, arch lute & oud
Miriam Oldenburg: Accordion
Alejandro Vega: Pan flutes, char- ango & violin
Carlos Yoyi: Trumpet
Marcos Chagallo: Violin
Micke Löfroth: Violin
Fereidon Nadimi: Daf
Stefan Lakatos: Trimba

Styrbjörn Bergelt: Willow flute

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