Buffalo in Benares
Part 2

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Two beautiful ladies who we met on the road
leading inland from the beach to the village of

Sunset on the Arabian sea with lots of Indian tourists and locals walking up and down the Beach of Benaulim or just standing around making conversation and kids playing in the sand.

All along the western shores of southern India these lovely
blue and violet flowers decorate the beaches.

On board the train for Hospet, a moderately sized
city located in the far eastern regions of

Hampi is a truly magical place and was once the capital of the ancient Vijayanagar empire, holding so many temple sites and ruins that one should need at least one week to cover the entire grounds. The way to get there is by first going to the major town of Hospet and then taking an auto, taxi or local bus the few remaining miles. There is a stately run tourist bureau but also some rickshaw drivers who can fix you in on their own private tours. We happened to get caught up by two agents at the same time which was a bit of a laugh and led to some chaos for a day or two.

A happy Muslim family just arrived from Andhra pradesh and like any normal Indian citizens would do,  instantaneously bidding us to take a collective snapshot of them and us together.

I think this elephant's name was Lakshmi, the
  goddess of good fortune and riches. 

Hanuman the "monkey god".

The goddess of Lakshmi, here in the form of a sta-
tue in Hampi with Carina posing in the foreground.

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Me on the brighter side of life after finally getting rid of the cold I got during the first phase of our trip, which was one in a series of several infections.

Me eating a paper dosa in Calangute, Goa.  A paper dosa is a very large pancake prepared to become crispy and dry. It's served with various side dishes like chili and coconut chutneys, minced potato and pees plus a spicy sambar. And if anyone wonders, did he manage to get it all down? No well not quite. Had to leave about two decimeters behind, unfortunately! But did I enjoy the meal? Well for me a part of the reason to go back to India was for treats such as this!

My wife Carina inside the hanging root canopy of a Banjan tree, this shot taken in Benaulim.

The railway station at  Margao, Goa´s main junction which connects with the rest of the subcontinent.

The main gopuram in the old village of Hampi with
the festival grounds up front.

A super statue of Indias most beloved icon "lord Ganesha", here carved out of one solid rock and with the belly missing after the Muslim invadors long ago carved it out and dropped it on to the ground below.

Two traveling magicians swallowing stones, some of them as big as eggs and performing (for a fee) all sorts of conjuring tricks.

A few details of the numerous ornamentations so well represented in the architecture of the ancient Vijayanagar kingdom, in this case quite badly dented from ages of wearing wind and rain.

The queen´s swimming pool, or be it, bath tub with Carina disp- laying how she would have done breast stroke had it been in days of old when the basin was still filled with water.

In front of Taj Mahal
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