Kota Baru, Malaysia

Kota Barhu during sunset with heavy thunder showers in the near vicinity, thereby this hazy, crimson evening light percolating through the clouds and mist
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The Perenthians facing the Malaysian mainland

This is probably the most beautiful place we´ve ever been to and it´s called the Perenthian Islands. Towering thunderclouds over the Malaysian mainland to the west  are a common site and the lukewarm water shines like gossamer of pearl as on this photo. The sunsets are quite unbelievable with the  Milky way rapidly emerging out of the darkening sky while the sun loses itself among the thunderheads in the distance

Same view though a little more to the left and a bit later
Besides music and art I am, among other things,  deeply interested in meteorology, not least to mention that of the tropics. This kind of weather I find most exhilarating and exciting for its beauty and recurring displays of awesome electric power. The doldrums is the region around the equator where a prevailing upsurge of hot and moist air is caused to evaporate into heavy rain clouds. It´s because of this mechanism that we can exist, or else the atmosphere would have been almost completely dry all over the planet 
Burmese Buddha

Inside a Burmese temple in Kota Barhu, Kelantan, Malaysia.  The marble faced goddess shows us the palm of her hand as an act of conveying wisdom to her disciples
In Bangkok, Thailand, there are many statues like these around, sometimes cluttering entire temples and decorating gardens and courtyards. In several ways these sculptures remind us of those in southern India where the temples are covered from top to bottom with all sorts of colourful demons and characters taken from the Mahabarata and other religious scripts. In Sokothai in the middle of Thailand we found huge statues standing around among the many half crumbled ruins of the ancient city. And even out in the middle of nowhere when we´re travelling by train, gigantic marble white or golden Buddha's pop up out of the woods gazing solemnly out in to the distance

Near Khao Sok national park in sout- hern Thailand there is a huge dam with mountain peaks surrounding it looking as if they had been painted onto a kakomeno by some famous Chinese artist!

It´s popular in the Perenthians to snorkel among corals and study the wildlife. We saw both turtles, sharks, swordfish and at one occasion I was almost eaten alive by the flamboyant schools of fish that sometimes gather around you like a swarm of bees!


Ebb tide on the coast line of Penang, western Malaysia
This is a teeming hot place to be in, the skyscraper city of Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia. It´s hot and sticky the year round as it most usually is in this tropical part of the world. On this pic you can see a scattered fleet of boats having been temporarily stranded by the ebb tide, something which occurs on a regular basis

Elefant ride

Elephant ride in the jungle
Like all good tourists do, we hitched a ride on an elephant, a well rehearsed adventure which follows one of the heavily beaten tracks through the rain forest of Kao sohk national park in southern Thailand.  But even though everybody does it, I´m tempted to say it´s not as safe and convenient as it looks since these kings of the jungle have a tendency to make you wobble about in a most hazardous manner while they're making their way up and down ditches and riverbanks

                          In front of Taj Mahal
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