Funny things happen when we let  our thoughts meander freely through the staircases of our minds, as with these  little  drawings of which the one up to  the left seems to have captured a vision from my early childhood, an old woman in a rocking chair, supposedly a "look alike" to  one of my grandmothers. While up on the upper right hand side there´s the sketch of a scarecrow which later led to the cover art of the Syd Barrett tribute album Vegetable man vol 3, as did this figure wearing the metal cap who I wanted to resemble Syd Barrett but who for some reason turned out to be more like me in my twenties.

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Slurk (or "Gulp" in English) is a character I invented for a local magazine way back in 1968. He arrived in a barrel of water  from Venus with a thirst so severe that he threatened to devour not only all man made dams on earth but the entire oceans, rivers  and lakes as well! Maybe some day, if you´re lucky (?) he might just pop up in some totally different venue, like  at your local bar  after suddenly having gained a predilection for stronger beverages and gotten closely related with the bartender....