To Our Rescue in detail

 - part 1 -

Braun Raga

Braun raga plays partly on Peter's Braun razor which kicks off both this song and the entire album while the name Braun also plays on Hitler's ever faithful girlfriend Eva Braun but also on such daily routines as having a close shave.
Hidden among the sound effects in the beginning is Hitler himsel holding one of his more passionate speeches before the raging crowds.

Stefan Lakatos & Stefan Ottman: Choir; Håkan Almkvist: Sitar; Peter Lindahl: Choir, quena, per- cussion, keyboards, razor and FX; Marcos Chagallo: Violin

Written by Peter Lindahl

Illustration by Niklas Lindahl

Sleeping Katla

Katla is the biggest, as yet dormant volcano on Iceland. Its ominous presence, as with Yellow stone park, Krakatau, Vesuvius, St Helens and other well known volcanos speaks of catastrophic things to come, hopefully way into the future. However, the name Katla also refers

to a fictional  dragon from the  children's  book 'The Brothers Lionheart' written by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, which is why a dragon like monster once drawn by Niklas Lindahl was chosen to represent this track.

This recording is based on a synthesizer version made by Niklas in the 90s using his as template for building up a new arrangement, hence adding both electric and acoustic instruments played by members of In The Labyrinth.

Peter Lindahl: Acoustic & electric guitar, bass, mellotron, keyboards, viola da gamba, daf, percussion, quena, zither, mandolin &soundeffects
Håkan Almkvist: Sitar
Sven-Ingvar Ahlin: Barytone sax
Marcos Chagallo: Violin
Robert Eklund: Oud

Written by Niklas Lindahl

Pencil drawing by Niklas Lindahl

To Our Rescue
The lyrics of this song depict the escallating problems  brought  about by global  warming  as

a side effect of human activities on this planet. The increasing amount of green house emissions is steadily increasing when it should have been the other way around. So the question is if God will come to our rescue and clean up this mess for us while the entire world is just sitting and waiting for a miracle to happen.

Stefan Lakatos: Trimba
Jano Topan Sajtan Vega:  Jarango&zampoña
Peter Lindahl: Lead & background vocals, mellotron, keyboards, viola da gamba, acoustic guitar & percussion
Marcos Chagallo: Violin
Håkan Almkvist: Bass, Indian tabla& sitar
Helena Selander: Background vocals

Written by Peter Lindahl

Ink drawing by P Lindahl

Ray Of Hope
 Initially  the  idea was  to  have  text in Arabic

spoken on top of the music, but this was finally left out. This text was a direct translation of a poem written by Israel's former prime minister Shimon Peres conveying a message of peace and consiliation to the Middle East. Initially the idea was to have narration in Arabic spoken on top of the music but this was finally left out.

Jano Topan Sajtan Vega: Beatbox
Håkan Almkvist: Indian tabla& acoustic guitar
Peter Lindahl: Saz, viola da gamba, electric guitar, 6 & 12-string acoustic guitar, bass, sopranino recorder, keyboards & percussion
Helena Selander: Vocal improvisation
Robert Eklund: Oud

Written by Peter Lindahl/ Stefa  Andersson

 Painting by Niklas Lindahl

The music of Sanctus was composed by Stefan Ottman as far back as the early 70s with lyrics partly based on a mideaval chant. In 2021 it was finally recorded together with Stefan's daughter Tuva Wedberg adding her voice as part of the choral arrangement along with Peter.

Written by Stefan Ottman

Tuva Wedberg: Choir
Peter Lindahl: Lead vocals, choir, viola da
gamba, acoustic & electric guitar, bass, keyboards & percussion

Ink drawing by Peter Lindahl