To Our Rescue in detail

 - part 2 -

The Black Plague
 This song was inspired by Murnau's legendary

vampire movie Nosferatu from1922 but also to some extent by Werner Herzog's version of the same theme filmed in 1979.
The Black plague also appeared on a compilation in 2005 called Peace Frog Conquer The World, so this is a remastered and partially re-edited version of that recording.

Written by Peter Lindahl / Stefan Andersson

Marcos Chagallo: Violin
Peter Lindahl: Lead & background vocals, choir, electric guitar & bass, mellotron, keyboards, drum programming, percussion & soundeffects
Håkan Almkvist: Sitar
Helena Selander: Choir

Pencil drawing by P Lindahl

Vegetable Man

Vegetable man was one of approximately a hundred interpretations made for a CD series of this legendary long lost early Pink Floyd song written by Syd Barrett.  'The Vegetable Man Project' is a six CD-set complemented with a one-sided 10" single featuring  60  different 10-second  excerpts  of the song all spliced

together to form one continuous track. Behind this vast project was the Italian label Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati (led by Dario Antonetti) and Yellow Shoes. This project went on between 2002 and 2009 with the intention to reach one thousand versions but eventually it was decided that one hundred would do.

This is a partially re-mixed version of the original recording specially prepared for this album.

Music & words: Syd Barrett

Arranged by P Lindahl

Helena Selander & Natalie Knutzen: Background vocals
Peter Lindahl: Vocals & background vocals, saz, acoustic & electric guitar, bass, mellotron, viola da gamba, shannai, keyboards, drum programming &

Håkan Almkvist: Indian tabla

Painting by P Lindahl

Waiting For A Miracle – part 1

The title 'Waiting for a miracle - part 1' implies
that humanity is just sitting around waiting for God or whoever to come and take care of the environmental issues we have created.

The recording itself grew as a tag at the end of Vegetable man and builds partly on the same theme.

Helena Selander & Natalie Knutzen: Choir
Peter Lindahl: Choir, acoustic & electric guitar, bass, mellotron, bansuri, viola da gamba, drum programming & percussion
Håkan Almkvist: Indian tabla
Marcos Chagallo: Violin

Written by P Lindahl

Drawing by P Lindahl

Santa’s Gone Fishing

Maybe this year Santa Claus prefers to go fishing instead of faithfully delivering his precious parcels, who knows!
This cut, which builds on a wide array of inst ruments ranging  from Turkish saz and mellotron to Celtic harp and percussion but also a small choir fronted by Helena & Peter, was initially released in 2006 on a rather obscure little compilation by a label called Lost frontier, though that was an earlier, yet not so developed embryonic version of the song. The title given to this compilation was 'Christmas sampler 2006'.

Helena Selander: Choir
Robert Eklund: Celtic harp & ukelele
Peter Lindahl: Choir, mellotron, keyboards, saz, quena, baroque travers flute, acoustic & electric guitar, bass, drum programming, percussion &soundeffects
Jano Topan Sajtan Vega: zampoña
Marcos Chagallo: Violin

Written by P Lindahl
Illustration by P Lindahl

Ukraine Burning

The title of this instrumental piece centered around  a  recurring  theme  played  mainly  on
acoustic guitar and viola da gamba  depicts  the  madness  of  the current situation in Ukraine. Initially this was the finale part of a P Lindahl song called 'En strimmahopp' (in English, A ray of hope) which once emanated from a ballad called Choral for John Lennon. But later on only the tag was used as a song on its own, initially with soundeffectscentered around the civil war in Syria, but as time flew and another even more ghastly war broke out, other FX were added instead to adapt to the new scenery.

Written by P Lindahl

Cristina Fuentes: Choir
Peter Lindahl: Viola da gamba, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, mellotron & soundeffects

Painting by Niklas Lindahl