Jo_jo the parrot

Western Australia - Part 1


Melvyn with flag-towel
This is good old friend Melvyn Tuckey, with whom I went to high school in Pinjarra 1965-66. Faithful as he is to his heritage, Melvyn still lives in Mandurah, which is the rapidly expanding summer resort (or nowadays more like a city) perched on the West Australian sore line about five km to the west of Pinjarra and something like ten times that distance from Perth, nowadays with a commuter train conveniently binding the two municipals together

Jakaranda tree in full blossom, Perth

Up in King's park, Perth

The renowned Cottesloe beach

A windy day in November by the edge of the mighty
Indian ocean

Perth skyline by day, as viewed from King's park

Kids drawing with chalk on a street in Fremantle
On crutches
A mere shadow of  myself, this shot was taken in Madora bay, just  north of Mandurah, only three weeks after having broken my foot in an ac- cident at a hotel in Bangkok

My dear old high school teacher Jeff Carroll and I

Carina and me in front of a Giant Boab, King's park

High rise buildings erected almost on top of the old
Tudor style houses in Down town Perth

Melvyn with flag-towel
Perth skyline by night, shot taken from across the Swan river

A premonition of thunderstorms in the distance

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